No Man’s Sky dives deep with free The Abyss content update

Hello Games released the newest game update for their 2016 galactic survival game No Man’s Sky. The Abyss is not interested in exploring space however, and instead lets you venture in the oceans. Owners of the game should be thrilled, as The Abyss comes as a free content update for all users and is available today! Check out the trailer.

No Man’s Sky’s entire development, from its first reveal to the spectacular disaster of a launch to the turn-around, is truly one for the history books. It shows that despite over-promising and making mistakes, any company can salvage their game, if they only invest enough love and care.

As such, No Man’s Sky has stopped being the laughingstock of gaming for a while now. After several, major updates to the game, Hello Games has evolved their initial flawed game into one of the better survival games available. And with the launch on the Xbox One this Summer, more people now have the chance to experience an almost infinitely large space adventure.

But No Man’s Sky is not satisfied with space alone, and offers a whole new and fascinating environment with The Abyss. Now, players will be able to dive into vast oceans on alien planets. Collect valuable and new materials to craft new items. There are all kinds of nightmarish monsters awaiting unsuspecting explorers, so be prepared. If swimming through dangerous waters sounds to scary, just jump into your new submarine.

The Abyss comes with more than just new materials, enemies and biomes. With The Dreams of the Deep it also includes a brand-new story to flesh out the new location. Of course, players can also simply enjoy building underwater bases and enjoy the marine life.

There’s a lot more changes and improvements with The Abyss update which you can read in detail on its website.

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