Hitman 2 flaunts all of its New Areas in new Trailer

With less than 3 weeks left until Hitman 2 releases, developer IO Interactive has decided to bring out the big guns to promote their newest murdering sandbox. The new Untouchabletrailer promises more than just being able to assassin every single target in lots of inventive ways. It also teases every single location players will explore in the game. Check it out!

Now, this obviously is going to be a major spoiler for players who want to go in as a clean slate, so we advise caution if you want to be surprised playing the game yourself. For everyone else, Hitman 2 is continuing the series’ tradition of a globetrotting adventure, with a wide range of hugely varying locations.

With the announcement of Hitman 2, we got a nice look at the Miami location and just recently the lush jungles of Colombia were unveiled in a moody trailer. Now, we get to learn a tiny bit about the remaining 5 new places. Don’t fret, there are no story spoilers, only a vague idea of the breadth of variety at hand.

The first new locale to explore and dispatch of targets that immediately catches the attention is Mumbai, India. With plenty of color, large crowds of pedestrians and a dense net of alley ways, Mumbai is going to be the perfect place to assassinate in literal day light and vanish in the masses immediately.

In stark contrast, Hawke’s Bay in New Zealand is a remote coastal location. Extremely sparse population, the moonlit dark will become your ally to infiltrate a luxurious beach home. Similarly, Isle of Sgàil is a dark and dangerous place where our bald assassin will have to dig deep into his set of skills. Located somewhere in the North Atlantic, very little is shown or shared about this place apart it being one of the most secretive places in the world.

A lot more familiar should Whittleton Creek be. The idyllic and quiet American suburb could rather demand not sticking out among a tight-knit community.

Last but not least, Himmelstein, Austria is a level specifically designed for the Sniper Assassin game mode players who pre-ordered have already been able to play since Hitman 2’s reveal.

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