5 Stupid Things to Do in Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 is a serious game, but that doesn’t stop you from having fun in its world.

As you explore, you’re likely to get into situations or experience mishaps that will make you laugh. Here are a handful of ridiculous things that you can intentionally do for a little bit of amusement, though perhaps make sure you’ve saved your game beforehand in case you or your horse dies. That’s never good.

Ride your horse into a tree

This is likely to happen a few times while you’re playing, probably when you’re responding to someone on horseback when arriving back at camp. Basically, horse meets tree, you’re thrown off its back, and both of you get up feeling rather groggy. It’s quite funny to watch though. Also, while Arthur generally has the sense to watch out for branches when riding through trees, sometimes he forgets, resulting in him being violently removed from his horse.

Punch a horse… and then get kicked

You really shouldn’t punch your horse, but sometimes it might just happen by accident. Usually it’s an act followed by the horse on the receiving end of your fist kicking back, which looks very painful. You don’t have to punch a horse to get kicked, either. Simply get close to the back end of a horse that isn’t particularly happy and you might just find that it’ll lash out, sending you flying. Ouch!

Fall off a cliff

It’s not a good idea to fall off cliffs, but Red Dead Redemption 2‘s physics engine make it looks so spectacular. You might sometimes go over the edge of a cliff because you simply didn’t see it. Other times you might think there’s not much of a drop until you take the plunge and then realise the error of your ways. Either way, you’ll find yourself chuckling at your character’s misfortune.

Lasso someone and pull them on your horse

Red Dead Redemption 2‘s lasso is brilliant. You can use it to stop witnesses from running away, capture horses, and even apprehend criminals. If you really want to be an evil so and so, you can even lasso someone and then drag them behind you as you ride on your horse. It really is cruel, but it’s funny to watch.

Crash your horse into another horse

Crashing your car in an open world game usually happens with alarming regularity. Crashing one horse into another, on the other hand, is a much rarer occurrence. Red Dead Redemption 2 allows you to do it though, and the results are often harrowing but also rather marvellous. Horses and their riders crumple realistically, creating a scene that is the definition of a calamity. Give it a go, and if you approach the horse you crashed into afterwards you might also find yourself getting kicked.

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